About Us

About us

AppDiv systems development enterprise is a certified and one of the leading innovative, integrator, technology provider, information technology systems and professional service and software development provider company, established since 2013 and able to become the leading edge intelligent and real problem solver systems developer and our company provides an excellence services to our clients in: systems development, design, consultancy, training, as well as hardware and related devices and equipment supplying and maintenance providing to business organization, ngos, and governmental establishments and others.

Currently our company has reached a space of legacy, where innovation and information systems development strategy turned into real time based analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance in short and achievable time frame, to meet the clients need and expectations, and we able to prove who we are and what we do! And our company has rich experience in solving real time based problems locally and internationally, among the referred works done by AppDiv as well as a full software developer and freelancing jobs are some of described in the fourth coming section of this technical document.

From things that makes our company special and unique in service rendering is that: after sales we provide training, maintenance, follow up and customization services depending on our customers’ need and request. Just you tell and order us what you want and need and what to do, surely we will develop and implement smart real problem solver system for your company.


providing high quality systems development and professional consulting services to improve our clients’ works by making easy and simple to access information and data.


We strive to become a center of excellence by maintaining high quality products and services through consultancy, encouraging feedback and responding to both internal and external needs. Zero tolerance to corruption and corrupt practices is at the core of our business values.


We strive to set the highest standard of quality in everything we do. We always want to drive towards “the NEXT” great thing! By constantly challenging ourselves to improve and break new ground.